Arranging Creative Ideas


The Arayeh Company was established by a core of experts and experienced managers in ITS and Electronic Payments market in Iran, each with comprehensive background and valuable experience in different sectors such as academics, public policy making, and private business sector.
The core approach is to create and develop ideas in a systematic R&D process and finally commercialize the successful ones. In this way, the Arayeh Group welcomes any input from colleagues in the market and is absolutely open to any kind of strategic partnership with technical teams and visionary investors

These specialized systems could be perfectly established in client companies’ working environment, If all necessary foundations and structures are defined and put into practice in different organizational levels. The group has learnt how to implement new systems in working areas with traditional organizational structures and by the way strong and inflexible informal organizations. Business Intelligence Solutions like Customer Relations System, Customer Loyalty Management, Organizational performance Control System, etc. could be broadly used in order to fulfill the potentials of specialized systems.
Design and implementation of integrated electronic payment solution both offline and online specifically in public and private transportation system such as: Electronic and Mobile Fare Collection Systems, Electronic Toll Collections Systems and other applications in urban services, exist among the group’s package of services Intelligent Management of Public and semi Public transport fleet (Bus, Taxi) using online Navigation Systems which could be integrated into dispatch and IVRS Center based on the client’s needs, is another field in which there is a vast background in the group.


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• Design and implementation of Integrated ITS solution

• Providing Electronic and Mobile Payment solutions

• Design and Development of Enterprise ICT solutions – Hardware, Software and Network

• Formulation and Implementation of Business Intelligence Solutions